Retreats and Equine Workshops

Build Your Own Workshop


If you have a group of 3 to 8 people who are interested in taking part in an Equine Facilitated Workshop you can schedule a workshop specifically for your group. Choose either a theme all group members would like to work on, or leave the workshop open for each individual to work on their own theme. Themes do not have to be from offered workshops. Contact us today to learn more or book your 1 or 2-day workshop now.

Emotional Intelligence


Using emotional information to understand our internal and external moment is what is known as emotional intelligence. When healthy each emotion tells us something about ourselves, and how we are experiencing the current situation, or life circumstances. They let us know when we are moving in the right direction, or when we have fallen onto a tangential path. They let us know if we are healthy or unhealthy. They tell us when we are comfortable with things or uncomfortable. They even alert us to danger and tell us to make a hasty escape. This workshop is for the individual who is looking to foster a deeper connection to their emotions and their inner compass to foster new levels of self trust.

2 Day Workshop: Coming Soon

Exploring Anxiety


In this equine workshop we will be leaning into the discomfort of anxiety to understand its origins and wisdom. We will begin to build a new relationship to self, and the world through the guidance and support of the horse. We will reclaim a sense of safety and build our comfort zone for exploring life with joy and curiosity. 

4 Day Workshop: Coming Soon



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Harmony with Horses

Harmony with Horses is owned and operated by Tricia Rudy, a Certified FEEL Facilitator, at Dogwood Farm.  Located about an hour northeast of the G.T.A., at the end of a private road, you will find a sanctuary where nature surrounds you with clean air, clean light;  where the only sounds you will hear are the birds, the frogs, and the occasional howling coyote.  It is a place to get unplugged, be still, and remember who you are.

Harmony with Horses is an Experiential Learning Centre that offers Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) and now Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and workshops as Living Clarity and Charlotte Brammer have partnered with Tricia Rudy.

An intake is mandatory to participate in any services.

Individual Sessions: 1 Hour

Semi-Private Session: (2 Individuals) 1.5 hours

Group Sessions: (Max 4 Participants) 2-3 Hours

Workshops Coming Soon

Harmony with Horses

14th concession Beaverton, ON