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Finding Calm

Equine Therapy, Article Finding Calm

By Charlotte Brammer, RP - for Equine Leadership

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Give yourself permission to work and play; to create and have self care


By Charlotte Brammer, RP - For Inside Toronto

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Hauntline with Cameron Bagg

Hauntline interview between Charlotte Brammer, RP and Cameron Bagg

Charlotte Brammer, RP was a guest on the National Talk Show Hauntline with Cameron Bagg discussing Hypnotherapy, its benefits, uses and the application of self-hypnosis to create change.

TV Cogeco with Catherine Hanrahan


Charlotte Brammer, RP as part of Medicine Horse Collective did an interview with TV Cogeco team led by Catherine Hanrahan. The topic was a program that offers individualized programming that caters to those on the autism spectrum, along with other neuropsychiatric conditions such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, as well as for the families. 


Miracles of Hypnosis

Charlotte Brammer, RP was a guest on Miracles of Hypnosis with Didi Vergados where she discussed Equine Therapy and Hypnosis.