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Our Location

Psychotherapy Office

We are located in Midtown Toronto, at Yonge and Davisville. 1920 Yonge street offers ease of access with plenty of parking options and TTC connected directly to the building.

The building is spacious and vast until you enter the office which is cozy and warm. 

Our Treatment Focus

An Equine Psychotherapy Session

Safety is the key to being able to move through discomfort and come out the other side.

We offer a multi-discipline approach, to allow you to overcome anxiety, OCD, trauma, PTSD, stress and dissocation in a supportive and enriching environment. 

Our Philosophy


Growing up in any culture, in any situation will leave gaps in our education; emotional intelligence, healing and wellness offer some of the largest gaps in our education. My philosophy is to empower the individual through filling in these gaps and healing the traumas that keep us locked in old patterns and suffering.

Our Therapy

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Anxiety and Overwhelm in the human body

Anxiety and overwhelm are the largest growing mental health issue of our time. From children to seniors, the populations numbers of individuals suffering from anxiety continues to grow. Our multi-disciplinary approach can allow you to take your body and mind back, to grow into calm and re-connect to who you know you are.


Complex Trauma & PTSD

Sad Woman

Complex trauma and PTSD are some of the most misunderstood diagnosis in the non-therapeutic population. There are two kinds of trauma, little t and Big T. Everyone has some little t trauma while some have both. New research along with equine programs and EMDR are offering hope as trauma and PTSD are becoming a thing of the past. 


OCD & Dissociation

Man walking on a track

Dissociation is a normal thing most creatures on the planet take part in to cope with distressing situations. When it becomes harmful is when we lack the ability to discern when we are safe and when we are not. Trauma plays a big role in this.

OCD is another way we try to cope when there is nothing left to try, when we feel out of control. Our multi-disciplinary approach can help.

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Living Clarity

1920 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z3, Canada

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Charlotte Brammer RP - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only.

Eric Fernandes - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

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