The healing journey for each person is unique. As a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I offer a multi-disciplinary and healing approach combined with practical tools and resources to help you uncover the specific issues and challenges that keep your life from moving forward. The therapy modalities used in my practice are specifically designed to work together to help you get “unstuck” and moving towards a productive, fulfilling and rewarding life, both personally and professionally.

Our Services


Psychotherapy is a catalytic force for beneficial change. Psychotherapy is in part an education in what life and the human experience is, as well as a support system for diving into and exploring the internal landscape of our current mental, emotional, psycho-spiritual state allowing for healing to take place. If you suffer from anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, complex trauma, PTSD, depression or other chronic emotional and behavioral problems then Psychotherapy can help. Through many tools and techniques learn practical steps to move forward, heal what is keeping you stuck and create deeper chemistry with life.

EMDR Psychotherapy

EMDR Psychotherapy is a unique approach to complex trauma and overcoming PTSD. We all have some trauma in our lives. Much of it is attachment trauma, or little ‘t’ trauma, from when we were growing up as children. For some our trauma is more acute, what is known as big ‘T’ trauma; the end result is the same. We find ourselves bombarded by, sabotaged by, or suffering from our past. EMDR Psychotherapy is a brilliant approach to clean out our past, create more peace in our present and free our futures. Studies have shown that EMDR helps to rapidly reduce PTSD symptoms and speed up healing. 


Hypnosis, or Hypnotherapy is an effective way to create change on an intrinsically deep level. Utilizing deeply meditative states, hypnosis allows us to by-pass the blocks that keep us stuck in the same external circumstances and feeling states we find ourselves in. A perfect harmonic chord to Psychotherapy and the Holistic Healing Arts, hypnosis helps us to return to a more natural state of being, joy and fulfillment, allowing us to reclaim our power and freedom. We relearn how to use our personal choice within our lives ultimately helping us to reach our goals. Through mindfulness we learn to empower ourselves through choice.

Somatic Relational Psychotherapy

Somatic Relational Psychotherapy is an effective way to holistically understand and process trauma. Trauma can become stuck as holding patterns within the body, this holding pattern can then stop the flow of healthy thoughts, emotions and actions from taking place. Somatic Relational Therapy is a perfect complement to EMDR Psychotherapy helping to rapidly reduce or remit psycho-somatic as well as emotional blocks. Somatic Relational Psychotherapy also operates through the lens that trauma is created through relationship and so depends on healthy relationship to heal. A high priority is given to the ethical and healthy therapeutic alliance so that clients can feel safe to move through an experience in the presence of a supportive other.





Complex Trauma